What do we have in our lab?


Coolux Lab is fully equipped with laboratory and testing equipment; and continues to invest over $1.5 million per year in research and development.


20 engineers

Coolux Lab has a team of 20 engineers and 16 assistant researchers.
The aim is to provide customers with continuous product iterations and updates, dedicated to solving the aches and pains caused by sleep and improving the quality of sleep for the seller.

20 engineers


● No use of toxic controlled substances
1 . No TDI residue
2 . Passed ROHS test
3 . Passed the REACH test
4 . Passed SGS antibacterial and anti-mite test


3 Core Imperceptible Technology

Make the good sleep to happen

Coolux Lab Achievements

Has 5 patents for inventions and over 200 other patented technologies in related fields.

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