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Generous Technology Support custom services, with 5 people design teams customers can customize mattresses and fabric patterms,embroidery etc., logo can be printed on the mattress custom mattress, and cannot be returned.

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Factory direct with no sales people, low overhead SAVES you money!

iconQuality Control

Quality standard management combined with information construction to form a digital enterprise workshop quality management system. In the MES system, inspection data collection, quality statistical analysis, etc. form the overall control of process quality. In the summary of product quality, according to the quality information data stored in the production process in the MES system, we use a variety of statistical means such as parameter statistics, probability distribution, and data mining to carry out quality analysis, digging the law between product quality and various parameters, so as to achieve the trinity of quality analysis, defect tracing, and quality improvement digital control, so as to produce more perfect and higher quality products.

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Remarkable quality, excellent value, superb service, and impeccable fashion sense; that’s us. We provide extreme comfort at an extremely good value. We love that when your bed is doing its job right, it becomes the platform for all good things in life.

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When you shop Generous Technology, you get the same top quality and lasting comfort as the big brands, you just pay a lot less—because we know, when life happens, a little extra savings can go a long way.

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